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Ayed Awad Al-Otaiby
Ayed Awad Al-Otaiby Co.Ltd Company
Ayed Awad Al-Otaibi Trading Company was founded at the beginnings of 1930s by Mr Ayed its first founder which was named after him, and the company started its major works in the same year.
In the 1970s, Mr. Mohamed Ayed Awad Al-Otaibi became the chairman of the company.

Ayed Awad Al Otaibi Company and their partners dedicated all efforts to provide the international and Middle Eastern markets with high quality products supported by strong and logistics marketing structure, as well as modern stores equipped with cooling system technology to ensure success and continuity.
Al-Otaib, is a well-known family with a famous name for more than 60 years. And since its inception, the company has focused its attention to do the perfect work in its all stages in addition to completion of the tasks.
The reputation of the company has grown around, and risen to occupy a great position among other commercial companies.

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